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Fresh No Shuck Oysters are easy to order, easy to pack and easy for anyone to open anywhere and anytime! This season, you can add some extra fun in your football get-togethers with our No Shuck oysters banded in colors to “suit” the occasion.

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Chesapeake Bay Oysters

Just cut the No Shuck band and the tastiest, most irresistable, easiest to enjoy oysters open right before your eyes… World famous, Chesapeake Bay Oysters now easily prepared, any way you love to eat them  … on the half shell …  popped in the oven with your favorite Oyster Rockefeller recipe ingredients …  roasted on the grill with a sprinkling of seasoning … or maybe, coming up with a recipe of your own.

No Shuck opens the experience of enjoying oysters to a whole new world of tasty possibilities … and we’ll make it breeze to get started.

“I can‘t believe I’m saying this… But I think I‘ve just eaten the best tasting fresh oyster I’ve ever had in my life.”

John ShockleyHooper Island - 3rd Generation Waterman

“These are not only the cleanest, best looking oysters I’ve seen, they are the best oysters I have ever tasted. It’s not even close”

Tom K.Richmond, VA

Our Mission

With the only HPP  machine on the East Coast devoted to oyster processing, our mission is to provide the freshest, healthiest, best tasting and easiest to enjoy Chesapeake Bay Oysters thru the HPP process, to promote the environmental and health benefits of aquaculture farming and to enlist our Chesapeake Bay Watermen as an important part of the solution.

We are proud to be a partner in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s 10 Billion Oyster project to expedite oyster repopulation to help clean the Bay.

A High Pressure Discovery Changes Everything

Recent improvements in the food industry have produced a savory discovery. The magic of high water pressure on the exterior of an oyster’s shell plumps each oyster with its own tasty brine, releases the oyster’s tight seal and most importantly, HPP protects the consumer by removing bacteria which can occur. Learn more here …

  • Hand shucking is difficult, even dangerous, the oysters often loose brine and contain shell fragments.

  • A plumper, cleaner No Shuck Oyster opens up all by itself once you remove the band.

The result … Our Chesapeake Bay No Shuck Oysters (above in the second slide) are the world’s most delicious, cleanest and easiest to enjoy. If you enjoy oysters, a No Shuck Oyster is a simple, unique, delicious experience. But don’t just stop at one! Ask for them at your grocery store or favorite restaurant, or have them delivered direct and fresh to your home.


Commemorative Deborah Pratt Cocktail Glass Set
With No Shuck Oysters and Mini Cooler

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Using Fresh No Shuck Oysters

Fresh Oysters

Fried Oyster Po’Boy